Training Organized by FRO

Snowmobile Training Course  

A great, safe start to the new year and a beautiful day of sledding was had by five field researchers from Biological Sciences as they took specialized snowmobile training on January 11, 2011 at Ellerslie Research Station.   Skills taught included trailer safety, safe operation, lakes and river awareness, quick turns and stops, emergency stops/swerves, hill riding, and ride positions.  We now have our own UAlberta snowmobile instructor, Dick Puurveen, to provide practical hands-on training.  Check the FRO event page to see when the next training session is scheduled or contact FRO.  

Photo credits:  Dick Puurveen, ALES, Renewable Resources

Chainsaw Certification

FRO regularly organizes chainsaw training (Woodlands Training Certification) where participants take two or three day courses, with the most extensive course allowing them to fell a tree.  Please go to the Chainsaw Event page, to see when the next course is offered or contact FRO to organize a future course.

These photographs were taken at Ellerslie Research Station on day three of the course held April 30 to May 2, 2014.  The participants were researchers in Biological Sciences and Renewable Resources.

Photo credits: Kim Schaerer, Field Research Office

Chainsaw Training

Firearm/Shotgun Training  

In the past, FRO organized the Shotgun Users Course (provided by Protective Services) for researchers who were required to carry a firearm for UAlberta research purposes.  To ensure a standard of proficiency in the use of firearms, it is recommended that authorized UAlberta firearm users take a yearly firearm certification course. Please email FRO if you are required to use firearms in the field and visit the FRO Firearms webpage for more information.    

The following photographs were taken at the course held in March 2014. 

Photo credits: Dick Puurveen, ALES, Renewable Resources

Wilderness Advanced First Aid Certification

Standard First Aid is the recommended first aid certification for UAlberta field researchers; however, at times, especially when researchers will be in very remote places, they may wish to have wilderness first aid training.

During the 2014 spring break, FRO organized a 40 hour Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) course where participants were very happy with the training they received from Raven Rescue instructor, Ron Morrison.

Despite the freezing temperatures, much of the course was outdoors in the river valley to simulate the conditions that researchers often encounter when researching in northern climates.  Check out the WFA event page for more details and contact FRO if you are interested in taking a first aid course on campus. 

 Photo credits:  Ron Morrison, Raven Rescue