Access to Safety Training Funds

There are limited funds secured to use as subsidies for field researchers taking safety training until 2017.

If you take a course organized through the Field Research Office, it is very straight forward - we ask you a few questions with the online application process and then let you know if there will be a subsidy. The course is paid for directly by the funds. However, FRO will ask for a Internal Sales form (Indent) to hold your spot on these courses just in case an applicant decides not to show, the subsidies will not go towards paying for no shows and your Indent will be processed. 

If you are taking a course that is offered on campus but organized through another department, please fill out the application form below and wait to hear back from us. If the subsidy is granted, monies will be transferred directly to the organizing department. 

Finally, if you are taking the course from an outside provider,  you would submit the application form below and you will receive an email advising of the amount that will be subsidized. Once you have taken the course and received the certification, instructions will be emailed as to how to claim for reimbursement.

Application form for Field Research Safety Training Funds