Supervisors must ensure that participants are trained and competent to use equipment and perform their work safely. This is required under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation and Code and the U of A's Health and Safety Responsibilities Procedure.

In the case of field research and studies, particular consideration needs to be given to the preparedness of the individual and their abilities to operate and function in the off-campus location and environment. Training needs for your team members should be identified during the completion of your Hazard/Risk Assessment. Training may involve a formal course or certification, or it may be done in an informal, hands-on way by a knowledgeable and experienced supervisor or leader.

If you are working with a research station or institution or with a particular partner, be aware that they may have their own training requirements, guidelines, etc. that you must comply with. As an example, please see the Polar Continental Shelf Project’s Operation Manual that specifically states you must be adequately trained for the Arctic if receiving support from them for your research. It also has useful details on their facilities, how the PCSP can help the field researcher, advice particular to the Arctic Researcher, etc.

Where to Get Your Training

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We provide a few helpful links here – for full information on training options/resources, see the FRO List of Training Resources above.