Financial Considerations

The Field Research Office defers to the Research Services Office for specific questions regarding Research Grants. However, the Field Research Office will try to provide solutions to practical problems you encounter relating to financial issues when trying to implement your field research after you have received your grant monies. When applying for grants for field research be sure to budget appropriately for the real costs of the research, including transportation costs (which can be very high) as well as safety equipment and training.

What will grants pay for?


Grant funds must contribute towards the direct costs of the research program or project for which the funds were awarded. The Institution (University of Alberta) provides for indirect or overhead costs, such as the costs associated with facilities and basic utilities, the purchase and repair of office equipment, administration fees, insurance for equipment and research vehicles, and basic communication devices such as telephones and fax machines.

The eligible and non-eligible expenses are particularized in the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide . Please note that generally cellular and satellite phones and pda’s are not eligible expenses (unless they are directly used for data collection). However, Faculty members may cover the cost of cell or satellite phone purchase, rental, time charges and long distance charges from their Professional Expense Allowance; when filing the Professional Expense Reimbursement (PER) claim they must attach a letter from the department stating the need for the device.

We refer you to our Communication page for more information as to what is needed in terms of meeting the obligations set forth in the OH&S Code. Also, be aware that there may be restrictions on what training Tri-Council grants will cover. Important considerations are whether the training is considered part of an academic program and whether the University provides the training free to others (in these cases they may not cover the cost). We encourage you to have discussions with the Tri-Council contact person for the University, Carole Therien by Email or by phone at 613-996-8351, when you are unsure what they will cover and also refer to the Financial Administration Guide for more particulars.

Other Grants Read the granting guidelines carefully to determine whether your critical field costs are eligible.

Other Financial Considerations for Researchers

To get advice on how researchers and can get funds to foreign counries, see the Travel page. 

If researchers wish to give "gifts in kind" , please contact Financial Services. This can be done by using a Special Payment Request Form. If this gift to the individual is $200 or less and the sum total of cash being taken out into the field for such payments is $1,000 or less in aggregate, follow the petty cash procedure, using the Petty Cash Requisition Form . When making cash payments it is imperative that signed confirmation of receipt of funds be received from the recipient. If researchers are not comfortable in carrying up to $1,000 in cash in the field, then Financial Services can have cheques issued.