Members of the Field Research Activities Committee created a Field Activities Plan template in 2010 and FRO has received input from a variety of researchers across campus since then, improving and refining it. The Field Activities Plan includes an Emergency Response Plan and a hazard assessment portion and helps researchers comply with OHS legislation in Alberta. For the template and more information on the process, see the Field Activities Plan page.

FRO has created tools to help researchers and the academic community plan for their off-campus (domestic and international) research projects and field courses. We hope that you will begin using the below files for the upcoming field season.

Informed Consents (Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreements)

Please note that any University employee (including graduate students conducting their own research), do not need to sign these forms. These consents are for students taking a field course, volunteers and non-U of A participants.  Please refer to the Waiver and Release of Liability Procedure and Informed Consent Procedure.

Emergency Information Form

As part of the Emergency Response Plan, the Field Research Office recommends that each of the field research participants (including team leaders, supervisors, etc.) fill out the Emergency Information Form (fillable .pdf)  The information is collected to assist in the event of an emergency situation and also asks the participant to disclose any medical conditions that their supervisor/coworkers should be aware of in order to ensure their health and safety during the field activities. Instructions for handling the form are included on it.