In Case of an Incident

  1. Perform any needed first aid.
  2. Contact the appropriate Emergency Medical Services (e.g., local ambulance, STARS) if necessary for assistance and/or evacuation.
  3. In case of a serious incident, call UAlberta Protective Services at 1-780-492-5050. This line is monitored 24/7 and accepts collect calls. Protective Services will provide assistance in contacting others (e.g., the University emergency response team, Environmental Health and Safety, emergency contact numbers, etc.).

Reporting Incidents 

Whether serious or not, incidents must be reported to the following entities:

  • Environmental Health and Safety.  Please see EHS’ injury portal.  Incidents and near-misses must be reported.  The incident and investigation report must be filled out by the supervisor within 24 hours of the incident and submitted within 48 hours to EHS. Is it a serious injury and are you in a remote location unable to access Internet?  Call UAlberta Protective Services 24/7 at 780-492-5050.  They will in turn call an EHS representative that can assist with filling in the appropriate reports.  Reports may also be submitted by It may be pertinent to report it to the local OHS authority.  Reporting requirements across Canada are on the FRO's webpage.
  • UAlberta Workers’ Compensation Board Reporting. See the steps needed to initiate a WCB Claim. Researchers should follow directions on this site which tells you specifically where and when to report. Employer's Report as well as Worker's Report are noted.   There is also a WCB online reporting tool. There are fines imposed for not reporting in a timely fashion (within 72 hours). 
  • For an incident involving a University-owned vehicle or a vehicle rented for U of A business purposes, see the Driver's Training Courses for reporting requirements. You must report any vehicle damage to UAlberta Protective Services regardless of severity by phoning (780-492-5050) or visiting their office. The reporter gives a statement and provides the necessary information to an Officer and he will fill out the appropriate form. The accident collision report is not available online. For more information on reporting a vehicle-related incident, please contact or phone either 780- 492-1233 or 780-405-5201.  
  • If the incident involves injuries or damages to 3rd party (vehicle, person, building), the Office of Insurance and Risk Assessment needs to know immediately and their Loss Reporting Procedure should be followed. 
  • Incidents involving firearms (accidental discharge, injury or death to a person or non-research animal, property damage, theft of a firearm), you need to follow the Firearms Incident Reporting Procedure and fill out the Firearms Incident Reporting Form.