Field Research Opportunities

In the past, researchers have approached FRO about how to connect to field work opportunities or to advertise for field personnel.  FRO would encourage researchers to visit the Undergraduate Research Initiative website and check out their resources and programs.   Of particular interest, URI hosts an online Inventory of Undergraduate Research Opportunities*.  "From paid research positions to methodology courses, the Inventory gathers all different types of research opportunities and activities in one place for your viewing pleasure".

 The Undergraduate Research Initiative also holds regular educational sessions and events on many different undergraduate related topics such as "Gets Your Hands Dirty: Discovery Science Research", "How to Design a Research Poster", and "How to write a Conference Abstract".  See there website for more details.

Many Faculties and/or departments also have a place for "Research Opportunities" on their site and so we would encourage researchers to check with their department for opportunities.  A few examples can be found in EngineeringMedicineEASComputing ScienceMathematical and Statistical Sciences, Biological Sciences and Physics.  Just by searching "Research Opportunities" and your area of research on the University of Alberta site produces many leads for research opportunities.