2016 FRO Info Session

January 27, 2016 info session: 

Here are the powerpoints for the speakers in attendance:

Dr. Martyn Unsworth, Director of the Field Research Office - pdf 

Alex Drummond, Field and Facilities Coordinator, Renewable Resources (ALES) - pdf

Kenji Kinoshita, UAlberta Fleet Safety Officer, UDrive - pdf

Robert Munro, Director, UAlberta Environment, Health and Safety - pdf

If you have any insurance questions, please feel free to contact Murray Middleton, Manager, Office of Insurance and Risk Assessment at 780-492-8886 or by email

For your viewing pleasure, here is a wonderful video of the FRO 2015 Photo Contest submissions created by our recently hired Administrative Assistant, Kristina Loewen. Congratulations to Alli Banting who was the winner of the contest and received a Adventure Medical First Aid kit. Check out the winning photo and particulars of Alli's research.  

March 31, 2016 info session:

We had a mini field research information session on March 31, 2016 and at that time, we discussed in more detail the the risks associated with international research and, particularly, how to prepare for research activities to diverse social and political environments.

Here is Dr. Unsworth's powerpoint presentation (pdf).