The FRO 2016 Photo Contest Winners are....

Dr. David Milling, Faculty of Science, Physics
Photograph taken at the Halley Research Station in Antarctica.
David was participating in a stratospheric balloon campaign by helping a NASA funded team from Dartmouth College measure particle loss from the radiation belts using much larger balloons than the one shown here!

David Milling

Nurmaiya Brady,  MA (Human Geography), Earth and Atmospheric Sciences 

Supervisor: Dr. Sandeep Agrawal
Photograph taken in India while working on her thesis. 

Nurmaiya Brady

Konstantin von Gunten, PhD (Biogeochemistry), Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Supervisor:  Dr. Daniel Alessi
Photograph taken at the former uranium mine in Cluff Lake (SK).  His field work involved sampling meromictic pit lakes.

Konstantin Von Gunten