Using University Owned or Privately Owned Firearms

  • Protective Services stores and maintains some University owned firearms for various departments.
  • If your Faculty Dean or Unit Director authorizes you to use one of their department firearms while conducting research in the field, make a request of Protective Services 10 working days prior to when you require the firearm and fill out the applicable form.
  • Picture identification (driver’s license or OneCard) and a valid Firearms Possession License is required.
  • To use a personal firearm for research, you need approval from Protective Services by filling out this form and to use a University owned firearm, you need to fill out this form.  

Firearms Acquisition or Disposition  

  • In order to acquire or dispose of a University-owned firearm, review this procedure and complete this form.

Maintenance of Firearms 

  • Protective Services will maintain University owned firearms that they provide storage for. 
  • Anyone using a privately owned firearm is responsible  for the maintenance of it and must ensure that it is in good working order. 


  • Pursuant to University Firearms Policy, no ammunition is allowed anywhere on campus unless you have written permission from the Protective Services Firearms Control Officer.
  • Hand loaded ammunition is not to be used.  It is the user's responsibility to purchase factory ammunition that is designed to be fired in the firearm you are deploying in the field. 

Firearms Incident

  • In case of a firearm incident (accidental discharge, injury or death to a person or non-research animal, property damage, theft of a firearm) you need to report it to Protective Services  by adhering to the Firearms Incident Reporting Procedure and filling out this form.

Applicable Laws

  • Make yourself familiar with the current legislation on firearms at the Canadian Firearms Program website. If travelling outside of Canada, research the laws of that country. 

Licenses & Training

  • To be in possession of a firearm, you must have a possession license.
  • In order to get this license, you are required to take a course from Certified Firearms Instructor. In order to get your license in time for field work commencing in the spring, you should take your Firearms course in the preceding fall. A Police background and securities check is required and this can take up to 6 months. If you are a non-Canadian, the background check can take much longer.
  • The Alberta Hunter Education Instructor's Association; Edmonton Conservation Education Centre for Excellence offers both the Non-Restricted and Restricted courses. There is no charge for their courses - but a donation is appreciated. Phone: (780) 466-6682. Also, they provide a list of certified trainers by City. Please see their website.
  • Robert Klay offers both the non-restricted and restricted firearms courses. Fees charged includes handbook. Phone: 780-934-1421. Email
  • Dr. Robin Leech does the challenges for the PAL courses for those who have taken a course before and just want to renew their licenses. Phone: 780-452-1311; Email
  • Phoenix Gun Club: offers both the non-restricted and restricted weapons courses. Phone: 780-466-0307. 
  • The University also recommends that for anyone using a firearm in the field they arrange for an hands-on firearm shooting course. FRO has organized these in the past with instruction provided from Protective Services. Please contact FRO if interested. 

For more information on Firearms, please contact Sgt. Tony Thomsen @ UAPS, 780-679-1555.