FRAC members

Field Research Activities Committee Members, 2016-2017 Academic Year

 Name  Phone  Position  Email:
Dr. Erin Bayne 780-492-4165  Biological Sciences, Professor Email 
Dr. Walter Dixon 780-492-3579 Associate Vice President (Research) Email
Alex Drummond 780-492-2056 Renewable Resources, Safety Personnel Email
Harvey Friebe 780-492-0190 Arts, Safety Personnel Email
Dr. Elizabeth Halpenny 780-492-5702   Physical Education and Recreation, Professor (on leave)  Email 
Tom Hantos 780-492-2399 Biological Sciences, Safety Personnel         Email
Dr. Jeff Kavanaugh
 780-492-1740  Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Professor
Dr. Robert Losey 780-492-2028 Anthropology, Professor Email
Dr. Nadir Erbilgin 780-492-8693 Renewable Resources, Professor   Email
Dr. Evelyn Merrill 780-492-2842 Biological Sciences, Professor  Email
Murray Middleton
Manager, Office of Insurance and Risk Assessment  Email
Robert Munro
780-492-3710  EHS Director
Dr. Zac Robinson 780-492-8912  Physical Education and Recreation, Professor  Email 
Dr. Jeremy Rossiter 780-492-3539 History & Classics, Professor  Email 
Kim Schaerer 780-492-8981 FRO Coordinator  Email
Karen Sochatsky 780-492-1665 EHS Faculty Safety Advisor  Email
Dr. Martyn Unsworth   780-492-3041 FRO Director, EAS/Physics Professor   Email